Atheist PR Problem

One big PR problem that atheists have is the name atheist



  • Port:
    • One big PR problem that atheists have is the name "atheist."
    • It is too close to "anarchist."
    • People get confused and think the atheists want to abolish all government and destroy the authority of all rulers.
  • Starboard:
    • So what would be a better name?
  • Port:
    • Right now, I'm leaning towards "desolatist."


  1. thad Says:

    “Secularists” or “worldliests” are also options.


  2. Justin Says:

    Yeah, us atheist anarchists don’t get much love.

  3. TJ Says:


  4. thad Says:

    I like it. We could then expand on it and say things like “I de-theistised myself when I was 19.”

  5. V Says:

    Anarchy isn’t the abolition of all authority. It simply means that another should not have authority over you if you did not allow him/her.

    When I hire someone to work in my garden, he is voluntarily placing himself under my authority and will do what I ask of him in matters of gardening.

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