I’m in yur indeterminism, confusing yur free will

free reponse



  • In a Locked Room - A
    • I'm going to stay here.
  • In a Locked Room - B
    • Nondeterministic Event – Cat arrived
    • As weird as that was, I'm going to stay here.
  • In an Unlocked Room – C
    • Nondeterministic Event – in person's brain
    • That cat was meaner that he looked. I'm leaving.
  • Possible answers:
    • A has free will but B and C do not.
    • I was forced to choose this option and lack free will.
    • This option was spontaneously chosen. I don't count it as my choice. I had no free will in this decision.
    • C has free will because he got to know the cat.

One Comment:

  1. france Says:

    the right answer is to leave it blank i think