Playing dodgeball without it wouldn’t be a mixture of funny and sad, it would just be sad.

us vs them mentality



  • Port:
    • We are playing with fire.
    • We keep looking down on the "us vs them" mentality for encouraging needless conflicts and wars.
    • But, without it think of how owned one would get at pretty much every organized sport.
    • and what if our scorn lead the “us vs them” mentality to get some friends and declare war on the “them” mentalities?
    • Burned. We would all get burned.


  1. thad Says:

    This is an example of a Nash Equilibrium. A situation where no one gains by unilaterally changing and shedding their “us vs them” mentality. However, in many such situations people would all be better off if they could change together, in this case all shedding their “us vs them” mentality together.

    Unless the “us vs them” mentality actually is the basis of all cooperation. In that case we would all get burned for acting together.

  2. Tiegon Berry Says:

    you may have something there if you were not posting in an odd numbered position. I being a person who is posting in an even numbed position will make this comments section much more interesting and funny. I am sure you have come to realize that the next person who posts will have a odd numbered posting position or the 3rd slot which is important to mention as he probably cannot count. of course anything he says will be stupid as he is a big dumb ninny!odd person!