Testing the Technique

testing the technique

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  • Port:
    • How can we judge the morality of torture without knowing if it is ever more effective than questioning?
    • We need to test torture's efficacy.
  • Starboard:
    • But, how can we judge the morality of testing torture without knowing if such tests are ever accurate and reliable?
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  1. Askabarr Says:

    One only need look at the results obtained by torture by the Inquisition. There is no validity to results obtained in this way.

  2. thad Says:

    Yeah. I haven’t been able to find many cases in history when torture seems to have helped people get much information.

    Here is an interesting article I found on the subject.

    A quick quote from the article:

    The Japanese fascists, no strangers to torture, said it best in their field manual, which was found in Burma during World War II: They described torture as the clumsiest possible method of gathering intelligence.

  3. Blissness Says:

    Don’t forget to wear orange today!