Whacked into Existence

Bit of a bummer for the person who ends though.



  • Port:
    • If a person is defined by their continuous consciousness, running into a tree branch might break that continuity.
    • With a whack a new person could be created while another ended.
  • Starboard:
    • You know what would be really crazy? If a sapling did it rather than a big old tree.
    • Someone might come into existence very out of breath.

One Comment:

  1. Dingo Dango Says:

    If a teleporter could break a person down into their component molecules, and reassemble them somewhere else as in Star Trek, it would be conceivable that you could make duplicates of the person with the blueprint data that must have been acquired to perform the task.

    So which of the duplicates is the original person? The original person cannot have two simultaneous streams of consciousness. The original stream of conscious must have been destroyed in the process. Is consciousness more than the sum of our parts? The configuration of our molecules?

    Are we not constantly in a state of flux? Is are stream of consciousness being destroyed and created in every successive instant? Is our present self just a clone consciousness of what we were in previous instances. Are we dying every single second?

    Will this consciousness that I experiencing at this very moment survive into the future, or will it die and be recreated by the flux of my molecules.