When You Have a Bludgeoner, Everything Looks Like Potential Bludgeoners Stuck Together




  • Port:
    • If we let a tool evolve instead of designing it, it might become a super tool that fulfills an as yet unrealized need.
    • To start the process, I have created the bludgeoner.
    • It is a tool that can "reproduce" by bludgeoning off pieces of other things.
  • Starboard:
    • What if it only adapts to efficiently create more blugeoners?
  • Port:
    • See, I had no idea we needed that.


  1. thad Says:

    Yeah, truth is the bludgeoner probably couldn’t evolve at all. It’s method of reproduction doesn’t copy itself accurately enough.

  2. Samuel Says:

    Wouldn’t evolution for a tool be the growth in skill of the one who utilizes it?
    The man that uses the original bludgeoner is at first so unskilled that the produce of the bludgeoner are of inferior quality to the original.
    But as he gets more skillful, he is able to produce new bludgeoners that are better for creating bludgeoners, or simply better for the style of bludgeon which he has developed.
    That is the evolution, a skilled enough hand will copy the bludgeoners accurately enough I reckon.

    It’s 1am, I hope that made sense.

  3. Samuel Says:

    I suppose I shouldn’t say inferior.
    The first spawn of the bludgeoner could be used in the hands of new bludgeoner-ers. Who would in turn adapt the tool to their hands, creating entirely new genus!
    I guess it’s more like.. The first spawn are not similar enough to be considered the same thing as the original, they’d be like… Mutants.