Focus on Complex Concepts Cause Web-Comic to Restrict Its Drawings


Focus on Complex Concepts Cause Web-Comic to Restrict Its Drawings

Scottsdale, June 22, 2007 – When you first hear about it, it just seems ridiculous. Why would a comic use the same drawing every time? However, that is exactly what the web-comics at do. For the author, the heart and soul of these comics lie in the ideas conveyed by the dialog. In an attempt to help readers focus on this has restricted almost everything else, including the drawing.

Despite our unfamiliarity with a comic that repeats the same drawings, this concept of restricting one aspect of an artistic work to focus on another aspect is quite old. Haikus often follow strict phonetic and formating rules. However, in restricting a particular form of artistic expression they allow the other types to gain clarity and focus. In the European tradition, sonnets do basically the same thing.

“Try as I might I just couldn’t draw the concepts of modal logic in a way that people would easily understand” the author of explains. “Any image of a contradiction is going to require some deciphering and explanation. Yet, one wants these ideas to come across as quickly and clearly as possible. Instead of drawing the concepts, I explain them through the dialog and timing.”

One might ask “If you don’t want readers focusing on the drawing, why use a graphical medium?” However, the author of stresses that “the images in the comic still do a lot of work. They help divide the dialog among characters and, most importantly, allow timing to be built into the message.” Dramatic pauses are a very important part of almost any joke. Writing comics rather than paragraphs allows one to deeply integrate the pauses into the material. is a web-comic that releases new content every weekday. The topics on range from the trivial (absurds situations involving a man named “Not-Guilty”) to the complex (modal logic and the social construction of things like titles). ###


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