I guess it is a good thing everyone isnt altruistic.



  • Altruism (ethical) n. - An ethical philosophy where one considers the interests of others as more important than one's own interests.
  • {Two characters push a bowl back and forth}
  • Unexpectedly it works best when incompletely followed.
  • {One character eats the food in the bowl}


  1. Jacob Wintersmith Says:

    Nah, you just have be be a little… creative.. in your altruism. Prototypical example:

    “Allow me to spare you the moral agony and social stigma of *munch* taking the last piece of bread *munch* *munch*”

  2. thad Says:


  3. vdeogmer Says:

    “creative” altruism is a very, very old running joke in my family, and it lost its humor long ago.

  4. John R Garland Says:

    Sick and tired of all the negative, cruel
    self centered radio ads,
    me, me, me comments I see on the internet. All my
    my professional career I put my people first and
    they took care of me. Retired early at 58 from Alaska
    goverment transit postion and enjoy
    the fruits of my labor.America needs to go back
    to the values of yore.

  5. Nancy Drew Says:

    There’s no room for creativity in ethics. But there’s plenty room for creatively avoiding its application.. not that that’s always irrational!

  6. wai.. Says:

    They could share… i guess…yea?…

  7. liz Says:

    or…a little more pragmatic….if you don’t mind sharing germs.

  8. Will Says:

    When pure altruism fails…compromise.

    ‘Let’s split it chum.’