Privacy Policy


  • We won’t sell your information. In fact we won’t even share it with third parties unless:
    • We are legally required to do so
    • The information is shared for the sole purpose of being processed and the data-processor follows our privacy policy.
  • We may share aggregate information.
    • Including but not limited to the number of visitors per day or what percentage of our visitors use Firefox.
  • Which comments are posted on is totally up to us
    • We can remove comments at any time
    • Comments may be edited for appropriateness before being posted
  • Third Party Ads may collect visitor information
    • We don’t have control over this information; it is only governed by their privacy policy
    • For more information check out the privacy policy of:

Visitor Information that Collects

  • uses cookies
    • To provide usage statistics
    • To provide a better website
  •’s servers automatically record information when the site is visited
    • Including, but not limited to, URL, browser, IP address, date and time of request
  • We collect personal information when:
    • Visitors comment on the site
    • Visitors otherwise willingly submit the information to us (for example through a survey or contact form)
  • Third Party Ads may collect visitor information
    • We sometimes use third party advertising services
    • This can allow them to collect visitor information
      We have no control over this information. It is only governed by their privacy policy.
    • To learn more these are the advertisers we sometimes us:

Uses of the information

We will not sell visitor information. Visitor information is primarily used for research and analysis. We will only share such information if we are legally required to do so or for processing purposes. If we use a third party processor we require them to follow our privacy policy. We may at times deem it appropriate to share aggregate information.

Comments are posted at the sole discretion of Comments may be edited to make them more appropriate. can be temperamental and may remove comments at any time, possibly in a late night fit of chocolate and “no-one really likes me.”


  • If our privacy policy changes, we will update this document.

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