Old Medicine

public trials





  • Uses
    • Temporarily reduces crime
    • May temporarily lessen a sense of injustice due to
      • stealing
      • murdering
      • beating
      • general evil-doing
  • Warning
    • Allergy Alert: Public trials may cause the appearance of an attempt at justice. Symptoms can be severe and may include but are not limited to:
      • Cooperation with authorities
      • "Strong men" facing difficulty consolidating power
      • The following of the US constitution
      • A possible creation of conditions favorable to democracy
      • Shock
    • Do not use if you 1) hate freedom 2) are, or may possibly become a leader opposed to representational government
      Stop use and ask a doctor if the world turns against you
    • May be habit forming
    • Keep out of reach of children

One Comment:

  1. thad Says:

    Fair and Public Trials do the same thing quite a bit more effectively.

    However, that bottle had more warnings.