Think of It as a Really Big Trophy

Countries often race to build the biggest bridge, building, or missile.



  • Port:
    • Countries often race to build the biggest bridge, building, or missile.
    • Yet, the competition to have the most free press is much more subdued.
    • To change this situation we could make the world's biggest missile a prize given to the country with the most free press.
  • Starboard:
    • Wait, you want countries to yearn for a fast way to deliver a bomb so badly that they create the most free press in the world?
  • Port:
    • Would you prefer the country with the sort-of-free press to have the worlds biggest missile?


  1. JesusDiablo Says:

    Thad Guy,
    You are my own, new personal hero. This cartoon engendered in me the dreaded, though much sought after, “epitome epiphany.”

  2. David Weisman Says:

    This is so absurd I can only comment with complete seriousness.

    If the worlds biggest missile is too big to launch and has a small conventional warhead, why not make a trophy out of it?

    If we’re talking about a real deadly nuke, Freedomhouse rankings indicate it would be split between Finland and Iceland, not too bad except we have two new members of the nuke club.

  3. thad Says:

    Many thanks for the compliment JesusDiablo. I’m very glad that you liked the comic.

    David, I don’t think you have to worry too much about this situation. I have reason to believe it will never happen. :)

  4. Solanum Tuberosum Says:

    i think this is the best idea. Ever.

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