Finding Allergies

how not to serve food your guests are allergic to



  1. emily Says:

    I love this one 😀
    It makes me laugh so much…

    Thad are you really allergic to mozzarella cheese??

  2. thad Says:

    Nah, I was just searching for something that one couldn’t scratch anyone with. Its like trying to scratch someone with a marshmallow. 🙂

    That said, I think people with dairy allergies can have a reaction from coming into contact with the cheese, but not being scratched by it. So it is an imperfect example. {shrug}

  3. emily Says:

    Haha, yeh 😀

    I would hate to be allergic to dairy products, it would suck so much…

    In all honesty Thad, would you say you more like the guy with the beard or the one who doesnt have a beard??

  4. thad Says:

    Truthfully, it does change from comic to comic… and the weather that day.

    Sorry for the unsatisfying answer. It is the most truthful one I have.

  5. emily Says:

    Awwh Thad its ok…. 😀

    You still rock which ever one you are 😛