Arbitrary Point

Assumptions that lead to their own contradictions are tricky little...assumptions.



  • One's Brain
  • Let's assume it defines who one is.
  • {part of brain being replaced}
  • If we change it a little, one is still the same person.
  • {part of brain being replaced}
  • However, at some point it can be changed enough that one stops existing and the brain becomes someone else.
  • {part of brain being replaced}
  • That point is here.
  • Then I guess this part is really what defines who one is.
  • {last part of the brain that was replaced}


  1. comboy Says:

    I guess who we are is the greatest philosophical question, but I don’t thing it’s a discrete thing like: me – not me. We do change.

  2. Preston Says:

    Awesome. There is some sort of trick going on here, and I think it has something to do with the paradox of the heap. Agreed?

  3. thad Says:

    You got it my friend. 🙂

  4. Joe Says:

    Actually, comboy, I would say the greatest philosophical question would be either, what can we know (including the question “can we know ourselves?”), or what is being generally (ala Heidegger)