Guest Comic – The Real Reasons Behind Electrical Plug Design

Europlug - Allows mice to look out of broken sockets.

This comic is written by the totally cool and awesome travel-humor writers at



  • Europlug
    • Allows mice to look out of broken sockets.
  • Australia & China (aka the “sad robot”)
    • Pays respect to the fact that robots are sad when not plugged in.
  • UK
    • Tempts people to try opening bottles with the two parallel pins. It is funny to watch attempts.
  • North America (aka the “skeptical robot”)
    • Reminds future robots to be cautions about plugging into just anyone's socket.


  1. Natovr Says:

    Really funny XD and intresting ^_^ saved and stumbled

  2. We wrote a comic for | Simply Leave Says:

    [...] Check it out over at It is a visual expose of the real reasons behind the different ele… [...]

  3. smartalek Says:

    Possible typo:
    “cautions” ? “cautious”?

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