It’s like battleship, but more words and usually fewer boats

its like battleship but more -isms like acutalism and possibleism



  • Attack
    • Port - Isn't it ridiculous to suggest that possible worlds exist?
  • Counterattack - returns fire with another question.
    • Starboard - People believe sets of numbers exist without too much trouble, why not sets of possibilities?
  • Counterattack – or you could call it a “counter-counterattack”
    • Port - But, don't numbers "exist" in a different sense than you or I do?
  • Hit - The Clarification Question, to respond one often must sacrifice the offensive.
    • Starboard - Are you arguing that numbers require the mind in order to exist?
  • Note: Resorting to a vacuous counterattack like "what do you think?" is equivalent to surrender.
  • No matter how sassy you are able to make it sound.

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  1. thad Says:

    Just in case you were wondering, the view that possible worlds exist, in the same way that this world exists, is called “actualism.”