The Political Uncertainty Principle

political uncertainty principle



  • Port:
    • Political candidates can gain metaphorical momentum.
    • It figures that they must also be governed by a metaphorical uncertainty principle.
    • In fact, I have metaphorical evidence that this "political uncertainty principle" is:
    • "The more 'total political momentum' a race has, the less policy comes up."
  • Starboard:
    • What if the momentum metaphor doesn't actually imply an uncertainty principle?
  • Port:
    • Hey now, no need to go around insulting metaphorical deduction simply because you don't like the truth it reveals.

One Comment:

  1. thad Says:

    Sure, at first I thought that it should have been a momentum/position trade off, like the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. But, I was convinced otherwise by the metaphorical evidence that metaphorically exists.