The Avant-Garde

the avant-garde



  • Port:
    • So, to count as avant-garde architecture do you think there is a risk minimum?
    • "You must take this much risk to qualify."
    • Building a huge building that is even slightly different from what was done before always seems to count as avant-garde.
    • But it seems hard for single family homes to qualify as avant-garde.
    • If the extremely rare risk of an untested sky scraper tipping is the minimum level...
    • you would have to build a single family home in a giant trebuchet to get the same magnitude of risk.
  • Starboard:
    • But, a shoddy "we really should have used some rebar" sky scraper isn't avant-garde.
  • Port:
    • Oh no, my avant-garde theory is crumbling!

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