Theory of Everything

Some physicists think humanity is close to discovering the Theory of Everything.



  • Port:
    • Some physicists think humanity is close to discovering the “Theory of Everything.”
  • Starboard:
    • But couldn't the ability to predict everything undermine the foundation of human society? No one would take chances....
    • We must stop them!
  • Port:
    • Well, we couldn't actually predict everything with the “theory of everything.”
    • The theory would only directly describe the “fundamental interactions” of nature. The world is just too complex to be predicted using that.
  • Starboard:
    • So, the “Theory of Everything” title is just a ploy?
  • Port:
    • Sounds good though, doesn't it?


  1. thad Says:

    This comic was blogged about over at the physics blog Asymptotia. 🙂

  2. Ronald Mirman Says:

    Theory of everything usually refers to string theory, which is actually the theory of nothing. It requires an absurd dimension (among other problems). But it has long been known that physics would be impossible in any dimension but 3+1. See my OAIU book for a rigorous proof. For further problems, not only in string theory, see my blogs
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