• Port:
    • There is a problem with how we are explaining that global warming is a problem.
  • Starboard:
    • What?
  • Port:
    • If we explain the true scale of global warming, people have a tendency to give up.
    • Yet, understanding the scale is needed to encourage large action.
  • Starboard:
    • One could emphasize the severity of the problem, but downplay its depressingly large scale.
  • Port:
    • So something like "Global warming is a really big problem, but don't worry it isn't that large"?


  1. Samuel Says:

    I’d also accept
    “You prevented forest fires by sitting at home, you can stop global warming too”
    And the mascot could be a polar bear.
    Everyone likes bears.
    Especially polar ones.

    Also a comment on the longest slip and slide.
    He could put it on an incline, minimizing the need for running.

  2. thad Says:

    Everyone likes polar bears…except seals.

    I like your comment on the slip and slide. Inclines are surely a good idea.

  3. Samuel Says:

    I find it best because as a lazy man, inclines are my natural enemy.
    This a way that I can finally use them for my own enjoyment.
    All angles shall be slave to the slip and slide!