Infrared Sight




  • Port:
    • It would be cool if my eyes saw in infrared instead of the visible light others see.
    • As a kid I would have rocked at hide and seek!
    • ...but I probably would have been afraid of the cold.


  1. thad Says:

    If everyone saw in infra-red I wonder if racial lines would be drawn differently. Instead of the present NAACP we might have a totally different group called “The National Association for the Advancement of Cold People.”

  2. Samuel Says:

    And finally we’d all agree; Red heads are hot.

  3. emily Says:

    haha, I like this one,

    good point (Y)

    Me being a red head would obviously say gingers are hot 😛

    Its only because we are 😉

    Haha, Thad I Think Your Awesome 😀