The Disinformation of Sex

I have discovered an important difference between humans and other animals



  • Port:
    • I have discovered an important difference between humans and other animals.
    • Most animals seem to have innate knowledge of sex. Yet, humans are born ignorant of it.
    • Sometimes there is even disinformation, stories of storks and such.
  • Starboard:
    • If that's true, I wonder if there was ever a society that lost it's adults and "forgot" how to have sex.
    • Imagine how crazy adolescence would be in that society.
    • "I feel strangely drawn to your naked body...and I don't know why."


  1. dana Says:

    its an interesting point your making, though its really nurture that makes people ignorant of sex, not nature. the truth is if we lived like animals do today, 12 and 13 year old boys and girls would probably be having sex all over the place…our culture frowns upon it. and relatively speaking i’d say thats around the same age most animals start to have sex– as soon as they hit puberty and can.

  2. peeyush Says:

    By keeping the coming generation ignorant about sex and by adding the taboo of being sinful before marriage we have created a sick attitude towards other sex. crimes, molestation, sexual harrasment have their seeds here.

  3. Astraea Says:

    Love this one… i recommend it be shown to those sections of our govt who are dead against sex education in our nation (india) as the whole exercise is allegedly ‘against our culture’.