Doubt May Save You From Juicy Citrus Bait

New ideas are too dangerous



  • Port:
    • New ideas are too dangerous.
    • A new idea could give an “I want to screech until I pass out” idea the ability to spread like wildfire.
    • To prevent all this pain, we should stop new ideas. The ones we have work well enough.
  • Starboard:
    • Is that even possible?
    • What about hybrid ideas like "oranvacado"?
  • Port:
    • If you don't stop that immediately I will have to quarantine you.
  • Starboard:
    • Alternatively we could develop our ability to recognize and doubt bad ideas.
    • Build an "idea immune system" rather than censorship.
  • Port:
    • I think I see an orange inside that soundproof prison cell.
    • You like oranges don't you?


  1. Mothandrust Says:

    Are all the new ideas used up yet?

    Love your site. I’ll add it to one of my blogrolls soon.


  2. Adam_Y Says:

    I’ve just spent a while reading through all your comics, and whilst normally, stick men comics don’t really do it for me, you have an exception here.

    You’re writing is great, and smart. I’ll be linking to you from my site, and stumbling until my thumbs fall off.


  3. thad Says:

    Thank you for the complements. 🙂

    I know the whole “stick-figure” thing turns some people off and the whole “stick figures that never move” thing turns off still more.

    My rationalization for the stick figures involves the terms “focus,” “integrated timing” and “easy reading.” But, who knows.

    I’m pleased you guys liked it.