The Riddle Prophesy

putting prophesies of bad events in riddle form is just cruel.



  • Port:
    • Prophecies always seem to be expressed very enigmatically.
    • That's just cruel.
    • “I know that something bad is about to happen to you. Now, let us take a moment to admire my riddle making abilities.”
    • Don't worry. Even if it isn't in strict riddle form, I'll still be impressed.


  1. Shawn Says:

    What if the prophecy is cryptic because the soothsayer doesn’t want it to come true? But leaving the prediction vague you allow for actual decision making and a chance to be proven wrong. If there is one thing Frank Herbert taught us it is that to know the future is to be locked in it, and that leaves no room for hope or change. Prophecy is the path of fatalists. Do not be tempted by that trap.

  2. thad Says:

    Good point my friend. Those soothsayers could be way more on top of things than we think.

    If they do choose to effect the future, perhaps they are battling each other to try to make certain things happen. There could be all sorts of people who can see the future sneaking around subtly trying to change the future without the other soothsayers figuring it out. Sneaky soothsayers.

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