Sneaky Argument Escape Technique #234

argument escape technique



  • If you find yourself in an indefensible position, just mention another issue and pretend it supports your conclusion.
  • Global Warming
    • Global warming may be a problem for us in the future.
    • However, terrorism is a problem NOW.
  • Torture
    • Torture may be morally wrong and one of the least effective methods of gathering intelligence.
    • However, terrorism is also a very large moral wrong.
  • Election
    • Sure, you may not think I'd make a very good president.
    • But, terrorism is a tremendous obstacle.


  1. thad Says:

    Technically this is known as the fallacy of an “irrelevant conclusion” or “ignoratio elenchi.” I think of it as an advanced “yo’ mama” reply.

    For a more up to date version replace the word “terrorism” with “economy” in the above comic.

    Aside from the economy and terrorism, let me know if you spot any other technically true statements used to mislead in this way.

  2. Samuel Says:

    I read this comic outloud at a party, everyone loled.
    Your comic has gained college dormitory party material status!

  3. Stef Says:

    i love the stuff you come up with…LOL

    anyway i’ve been lurking for too long and never leave a comment so i have officially delurked 😉

  4. thad Says:

    Nice. That college dorm party scene can be a difficult one to crack. Thanks for letting me know about the success of this comic. 🙂

    Also, thanks for de-lurking Stef. While I do love having some lurkers on this site, it is even better to hear from from you. Cheers.

  5. rosalee Says:

    Thanks for the funny, bite-sized lessons in logic and philosophy. While I can recognize many of these things intuitively, it’s helpful to be able to single them out and define them. Otherwise, I know I’m being hoodwinked, but I can’t say exactly how.

  6. thad Says:

    I’m glad you liked it.

    I often find myself impressed with the power of most people’s intuitive logic. However, there are some arguments that when said the right way with just the right amount of confidence have an amazing ability to slip through the blind spots.

  7. English Education Professor :: Sneaky Argument Says:

    […] Thad Guy […]

  8. Tiegon Berry Says:

    This may be a good comic.

    However, you are now reading comments which is not as funny the real comic which is a problem now.