Walk a Mile in His Complex Attire

walk a mile in his complex attire



  • Port:
    • The Pope recently argued that atheism is a reaction to an unjust world. Atheists wonder what the chances are that God exists if evil is so prevalent.
    • Yet, the Pope argues a desire for justice should lead one to believe in God. Because only God can bring about "true justice" by wiping out past injustices.
  • Starboard:
    • Because I'm an atheist you probably expect me to point out the flaws in that argument.
    • Maybe even use a humorous analogy like "only a tanker of gold can give me a truly large amount of money, so why even bother with a job?"
    • But, if one of my titles was "Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church," I would be a go-for-broke kind of guy too.

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