The Craziness of Biodiesel

craziness of biodiesel



  • Port:
    • In the battle between plants and people, a biodiesel powered harvester is perhaps the craziest weapon.
    • It uses energy from the dead bodies of plants to kill more of them.
  • Starboard:
    • In a sense doesn't the human body do the same thing?
  • Port:
    • Whoa


  1. Enviromental man Says:

    Most people don’t harvest till the plant is well matured plus it usually is an annual so it’s life is pretty much over call it plant euthenization

  2. Matt Says:

    The difference between what man and machine do is simple. Men have the potential to recreate, replenish, and nourish the environment instead of simply hording more and more energy.

  3. dODo Says:

    in a sense dont all living organizims do thesame? not necessaraly physically…

  4. Andrew Ryan Says:

    We are sexy, sexy vonNeumann machines.