Modal Logic Can Solve All Problems

Modal logic is special because it uses statements that are qualified with expressions like necessarily, possibly, or sometimes.



  • Port:
    • Modal logic is special because it uses statements that are qualified with expressions like “necessarily”, “possibly”, or “sometimes.”
  • Starboard:
    • 1) Modal logic solves some problems.
    • 2) In a complex modal argument many will naturally expand at least one claim beyond reason.
    • 3) When claims are irrationally expanded many will accept an unreasonable conclusion.
    • 4) Therefore, numerous people are likely to accept the conclusion of a complex modal argument.
    • 5) Convincing people is the largest obstacle to solving problems.
    • 6) Therefore, modal logic can solve all problems.


  1. thad Says:

    Every single conclusion in this comic doesn’t follow. 🙂

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  2. justine Says:

    hey, its me, justine!
    i like this comic
    i will show my friends
    turns out im good at convincing people to do stuff by bullshitting my way through an argument
    i should get a job in PR?

  3. thad Says:

    I’m convinced. 🙂

  4. Josh Says:

    Well done. I never noticed before, but you never argue with a comic strip, but they make you think deep thoughts, while if a person said anything of the sort, you’d laugh at them. The best part is that I actually talk like this, and people believe me!

  5. thad Says:

    I’m glad you like my comics.

    You are right that by some definitions of arguing I don’t really do that with my comics. However, my comics do sometimes support a particular conclusion.


  6. John Says:

    Very nice. It reflects something I’ve noted: that logic is a rhetorical device, not a tool for teasing out the truth, in the hands of people with something to prove.

  7. thad Says:

    Thanks for your comment.

    I agree that bad logic is not the best tool for arriving at truth. However, because one can sometimes be tricked by bad logic it doesn’t seem to follow that proper logic is useless.

  8. Bob Says:

    I just stumbled across your site. Great comics. And the possibility for discussion. Have you published them all as an introductory philosophy text?

  9. thad Says:

    Thank you. I’m glad to hear of another person who likes the comics.

    I haven’t really considered publishing my comics in print form. However, maybe I should. I’m flattered that you think it would be useful to people.

  10. Elmo Says:

    I just happened to find ur website its preatty cool I like some of your comics they are really cool

  11. robert =D Says:

    oo i dont understand any of it well a little put im only 15 lmao not too much going on in the brain space for me to comprehend all of that and i probally spelled that wrong but even tho i cant understand i like it for some reason lol

  12. doDo Says:

    yah…….sounds very……complex the way he said it but if you really look into it…it’s actually a very not important thing to be soo deep about.:|

  13. jhane Says: