Three Top Ten Lists from The History of Christianity

history of christianity



  • Top 10 reasons most forms of Christianity totally rock.
    • by Thomas Aquinas
  • Top 10 reasons most forms of Christianity totally don't rock.
    • by a homosexual person
  • Top 10 reasons why I should totally not have been caught up in this debate.
    • by Galileo Galilei


  1. bumblecow Says:

    Hmm is “a homosexual person” really the polar opposite of Thomas Aquinas? Surely a particular individual could have been found that represents a better antithesis for Christianity than simply being gay.

  2. thad Says:

    Ha ha. No, being homosexual is not the opposite of being Thomas Aquinas.

    Neither does being homosexual require that one can’t be a good Christian. However, they are a group that has not always been treated so well by most forms of Christianity. Thus, a gay person helps represent the historical downsides of most forms of Christianity.